After doing a cake making course a few months ago at Marg and Marees, we decided to use these new techniques to make these decadent cakes for Christmas day dessert. The cakes consist of two tiers of a small and large almond, orange and apricot cakes. The larger cake is covered in a thin chocolate wrap (in milk and white chocolate). The top tier cake is surrounded by chocolate panels and topped with lots of lovely fresh summer berries, while chocolate curls and holly. We frosted some cherries by dipping them in lightly beaten egg whites and caster sugar. To make our cakes extra special for Christmas, we sprinkled a bit of edible glitter to make them sparkle.

We haven’t detailed any of the chocolate techniques but please ask for any you are interested in the comments and we will elaborate. While this cake does take some time to make, all the steps in themselves are quite simple.

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One Response to White Chocolate and Berry Christmas Cakes

  1. Mariana says:

    Hi, could you explain the chocolate techniques on this dessert please?

    Best regards,


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