It’s fig season and if you’re lucky enough to have a tree, a friend with one, or find them at your grocer, we thought you might like some ideas. We grow the big black genoas, brown turkeys and the sugar sweet green ones and they all make great partners for cheese and melons. They are simple to prepare and make a special treat for late summer and autumn starters and desserts. We’ve paired them with melon, witlof, fetta and a basil cream sauce and also a great summer/autumn salad of haloumi, fig, rocket and balsamic.

Witlof, fig, fetta, basil, lemon and basil cream dressing. For the basil cream dressing, simply add lemon juice, sugar and basil to cream.

Figs, melon, blackberry and basil cream dressing. Release the melon wedge from the rind with a knife, cut across the flesh into slices and push to alternate sides to serve in fork sized pieces with fig and basil cream or mint cream sauce.

Place torn up figs over rocket leaves on serving platter. Slice Haloumi into batons and fry until golden. Lay on salad and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and black pepper. This salad can be served hot or cold.

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2 Responses to Three ways with Figs

  1. Yum! Those witlof boats look great.

    I am loving all the fig recipes around at the moment. Now all I need is a fig tree to give me buckets of figs each Summer :)

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