After much anticipation I finally had the luck to stumble across Taco Truck in the back streets of Collingwood behind PBS Radio Station. For those of you who don’t know, Taco Truck is one of those movable food truck restaurants, becoming ever so popular in Australia and all over the world. You can find them on the Northern side of Melbourne, around Brunswick and Collingwood areas and sometimes they venture out of the North for Festivals or Events. To find out where they will be like them on Facebook here or follow them on twitter, they post their location a few hours before lunch and dinner time each day. And if you want to try out a few other food trucks, try Beatbox Kitchen in Melbourne’s North, or Burger Theory in Adelaide: both have delicious burgers.

The Taco Truck Menu

Taco Plate: 2 tacos with house made corn chips $12

Fish Taco: slaw, lime squeeze, poppy mayo $6

Chicken Taco: corn salsa, baby spinach, chipotle mayo $6

Potato Taco: Jalapeño ricotta, slaw salsa verde (served in crisp tortilla) $6

Being our first time enjoying Taco Truck, we decided that it would be best to try all of the three options of tacos on offer of course! A good move as all three were very different and delicious in their own way. The Taco plate consists of two tacos of your choice served with corn chips. The corn chips aren’t just your regular old cc’s but are house made from proper tortillas, fried to a crisp and lightly salted. They are much more substantial and sturdier than regular corn chips.

The chicken tacos were very tasty and wonderfully moist. The char grilled and marinated chicken was topped with corn salsa and chipotle mayo. Chipotle chillies are a type of red Jalapeno chilli that are smoked and marinated in a tomato based spiced Adobo Sauce. They have a medium heat and are delicious in marinades and sauces. If you are interested in purchasing Chipotle chillies to try at home, you can find them at the Casa Iberica Deli in Fitzroy, Melbourne, or at Chile Mojo Mexican Grocery on Magill Rd, Adelaide. Simply coarsely chop and add with some of the adobo sauce to mayonnaise (delicious on corn cobs with a squeeze of lime and grated Parmesan cheese – trust me!). Taco Truck also use proper white corn tortillas that are have a slightly firmer and not as pasty texture as the usual commercial flour tortillas. You can also buy white corn tortillas from Casa Iberica and Chile Mojo.

The fish taco was arguably just as good as the chicken and reminded me of the many prawn and fish tacos we ate in New York a couple of years ago. A good quality piece of fish was covered in a light crispy batter and topped with red slaw, a squeeze of lime and poppy mayo.

And finally the Vegetarian option at Taco Truck is a crispy potato in a crispy tortilla (they possibly deep fry the whole thing) and topped with red slaw, Jalapeno ricotta and salsa verde. While very appealing to look at, I don’t think the potato taco could compete with the fish and chicken ones. It was tasty but a little greasy for me. The salsa verde was very nice, possibly made with green tomatillos (look like a green tomato but are closer to a fresh, tart gooseberry – definitely buy some of these if you go to the mexican grocery!). I would love to see Taco Truck try a bean chilli version for vegetarians, I think they would make a great one!

You have an option of a variety of hot sauces to add to your tacos if you like things a bit spicy and be sure to bring yourself a beverage to make it a perfect dinner out!

The quality of ingredients Taco Truck use really does make $12 for a taco plate a cheap and tasty dinner and well worth the trek to scout them out! It was hard to fault and they really are doing wonders for the fast food scene and put many restaurants to shame. The only thing left is try the guacamole and corn chips on the next visit as I bet they would do a good one.

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2 Responses to Taco Truck – Review

  1. Richard says:

    I tried the taco truck yesterday at the Melb food and wine festival. Will definitely be scouting them out since i live in the north – best tacos ever!

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