One of my Dad’s favourite mid-week meals to make when we were younger was chicken schnitzels with fresh home made bread crumbs using left over bread (often home made also!). We would have usually had them with mashed potato and green veg but this is a fresher version with a crunchy herb and apple slaw. Also, adding fresh herbs to the breadcrumbs looks delicious as well as giving them extra flavour. You can substitute the dill with any other herbs you have at hand such as parsley, oregano or thyme. Also, another great version of slaw is fennel and apple: just replace the red cabbage with finely sliced fennel.

Chicken Schnitzel with Red Cabbage, Apple and Dill Slaw Recipe

2 large or 3 small free-range chicken breasts
fresh bread crumbs made from 1/4 loaf stale bread
1/4 bunch chopped dill
1 cup flour (unbleached preferably)
1 egg
oil and butter for frying

1/4 red cabbage, finely shredded
1/4 celery, finely shredded
1 apple, cut into matchsticks
1/4 bunch chopped dill
3 tbsp whole egg mayonnaise
2 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil
pinch salt & pepper

1 lime/lemon wedges to serve

To make the schnitzels, cut the chicken breasts length ways into 2 or 3 thin pieces. Use a meat mallet (or a rolling pin) to even and flatten the chicken breasts until they are about 1cm thick. Put your flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs in 3 separate shallow bowls or plates. Add the chopped dill to the breadcrumbs and mix through. To crumb the chicken, dip first into the flour, shake off excess, then the egg, allow excess to drip and then place in the breadcrumbs and press gently until evenly coated. Repeat with all the chicken pieces. Heat your frying pan and place a good glug of olive oil and a tablespoon of butter. Once the butter has melted and your pan is hot, turn the heat down to medium/low and fry the schnitzels on either side until golden. When cooked, place on paper towel to drain. If you need to do 2 batches to fry the schnitzels, simply place the already cooked ones on a baking tray in a low oven to keep them warm.

To make the slaw, mix together the cabbage, apple, celery and dill in a large bowl. Put all the dressing ingredients in a glass jar and shake to combine. Always taste your dressing and add a little extra salt, honey, vinegar or oil to taste. Pour dressing over the salad and mix to combine well.

Serve your schnitzels and slaw with fresh lime or lemon wedges.

Serves 4.

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  1. di from the culinary library says:

    if you don’t want to make fresh breadcrumbs Japanese Panko crumbs are great. Most supermarkets keep them now in the Asian section.

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