Huntsman chicken is a really simple classic dish that everyone should have in their repertoire. It is easy to throw together when you are short on time, a popular dinner party meal that will get you out of the kitchen while it is cooking, and a warm and hearty meal for those cold winter nights.

Huntsman Chicken Recipe
1 medium free range chicken, or you can buy chicken pieces
2 medium onions
2 cloves of garlic, crushed or sliced
2 Tablespoons of tomato paste
3 cups of dry white wine
3 cups of chicken stock, we use Massel powder
2 medium tomatoes, chopped or one can of whole or chopped tomatoes
2-3 cups of small button mushrooms
2-4 rashers of free range bacon, chopped into strips (optional)
a few fresh herbs stalks like parsley, oregano, tarragon or thyme

If you are using a whole chicken, cut it into smaller pieces with either kitchen scissors or a really sharp knife. Toss the chicken pieces a few at a time in seasoned flour in a plastic bag and fry until golden in half butter, half oil. Remove and place in baking dish. Saute chopped onions in the same pan adding more oil if needed, cook until soft then add garlic for a few minutes. Remove and place over the chicken. Do the same with the mushrooms until they color and then the bacon.

Deglaze the pan with the wine, add the tomatoes and tomato paste, stock, pepper and salt and pour over the chicken and vegetables.  Add a few sprigs of fresh herbs, cover and bake in a 180degree Celsius oven for 1 + 1/2 hrs or more, depending on the size/quantity of chicken used, until it is very tender.

Check the dish every half hour or so, add more liquid if required and remove the lid after the first hour or so of cooking. You want enough liquid to cover and cook the chicken but also need it to reduce and thicken as cooking progresses to become a luscious sauce. Serve with plain Basmati or Jasmin long grain rice, potato, celeriac, sweet potato or parsnip mash or crusty fresh bread.

Serves 6.

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3 Responses to Huntsman Chicken (Chicken Casserole)

  1. jane says:

    You’re so clever!!
    Will definitely try it soon.
    (PS check Celsius spelling maybe the old US V UK spelling thing but it looked wrong to me.)
    Ciao Jane

  2. Thanks Jane! Yes it is well worth it, a very easy and rewarding recipe. And thanks, we have corrected the typo.

  3. Maritza says:

    At first I thought it was going to take hours to prepare the chicken and the veggies/bacon but it was done in no time at all. I even had half an hour to spare before the oven was ready!

    Family loved it! It’s going into my recipe book as a Family favorite.

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