This is a very simple salad and relies on having the best quality produce at hand. Buy the best ripe tomatoes you can find in a mixture of colours and varieties. You could try a local farmers market or you can get Tomato Medley boxes in most supermarkets nowadays which have a variety of South Australian grown grape, cherry, baby roma, golden grape, golden cherry and the stripey zebrino tomatoes.

I got my Mozzarella from La Latteria in Carlton, VIC which is a specialist mozzarella laboratory, milk and yoghurt store. They make proper Mozzarella from Buffalo milk which gives it a beautiful creaminess:

“Although the milk has a higher fat content, giving it a rich creamy texture, it contains a higher percentage of both calcium and protein than cow’s milk, and also contains a lower percentage of cholesterol. Buffalo milk also contains a high concentration of vitamin A.”

They also make an amazing Fiore Di Burrata which is a small ball of fresh soft mozzarella with a drop of seasoned cream in the centre, absolutely to die for! Their bush honey yoghurt is simply made by setting un-homogenised organic local milk, live cultures and bush honey and is not very sweet so makes a delicious snack. I haven’t tried their buffalo milk yoghurt, ricotta or pure jersey cream but I have a feeling I will be going back at some point!

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad Recipe

500g mixed tomatoes
1 large ball of Buffalo Mozzarella
handful fresh basil, torn
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vingegar
salt & pepper 

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  1. TheMerryRose says:

    we do this one with fried breadcrumbs – which adds a great texture as well as taste.

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