What mum hasn’t had the frustration of tempting a fussy eater at some stage? Young children can be especially difficult to convince that good nutritious food can be equally as exciting and desirable as junk food.  I’ve created and pictured a few ideas to widen your arsenal of temptations. In the above photo a small yoghurt bottle dipped in honey water then hundreds and thousands makes milk more enticing and you can use a fresh cherry, raspberry or blueberry when they’re in season.

Meat ball birds with cashew beaks.

Honey Bears – Bananas, raisins and honey on raisin toast.

Eggy Toadstool – Egg, roma tomatoes, mayonnaise, alfalfa sprouts.

Eggy Owl

Mini Pikelet Ham & Cream Cheese Crab

Black Tie Mice – Fat Cow mini cheese wedges cut in half, spagetti, raisins, dark grapes, ritz biscuits

Peanut and tiny teddy cars

Mini Babybel cheeses, raisins

Baby potatoes with cheesy filling and corn chip sails

The bird family

What are your ideas to get your kids to eat their dinner…


One Response to Fun Food For Fussy Kids

  1. Vanessa says:

    Awesome! That pikelet crab is hilarious.
    Fortunately, my boys have never been fussy eaters. My tip is to give them everything you want them to eat from the beginning and don’t make a big deal about it (they don’t even know that there is such a thing as ‘white bread’). I think your idea here is much more fun though!

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