In July I participated in The Sweet Swap – a edible gift exchange between different Australian Food Bloggers. We were all matched with three different bloggers and made our sweet treats and sent them off to our matches. We then waiting in anticipation as our three different packages arrived in the post. Money raised in registration fees is being donated to Child Fund Australia which works to eliminate the effects of poverty in developing countries. Each registration provides three banana shoots to families in Uganda.

The Sweet Treat that I decided to make was a soft and fruity version of the traditional Coconut Ice. Instead of using condensed milk and food colouring, I used mascarpone and raspberries to make the pink layer which made it not as sweet as normal coconut ice and gave it a bit of a tang with raspberry flavour. I also used a coarse organic shredded coconut which gave it a bit more texture than the traditional desiccated. See at the bottom for this recipe.

And here are the treats I received in return:

Snickers Bars (Chocolate, Nougat, Caramel, Chocolate) from Cassie at Food My Friend.

Chocolate Moustaches (Dark Chocolate Freckles, White Chocolate Raspberry and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter) from Natasha at Playing House.

Granola Choc Bites from Keren at Just One More Spoon.

Thanks so much Cassie, Natasha and Keren for the sweeties and to Amanda and Sara for organizing the Sweet Swap.

Check out The Sweet Swap Website to see what other bloggers made:

 photo SSBADGE_zps2de55d46.gif

And here are some pics and the recipe for the Soft Raspberry Coconut Ice that I made…

Fresh Raspberries and Mascarpone… I could eat this just by itself!

Packaging it up to send away to my Sweet Swap matches.

I sent my Coconut Ice off with a Thousand Days Red Jasmine Tea Flower that unfolds into a beautiful hand tied green tea flower in your teapot.

Soft Raspberry Coconut Ice Recipe

For the white layer:
100g mascarpone
150g shredded or desiccated coconut (I used coarsely shredded)
250g icing sugar
optional: 1 tsp vanilla extract 

For the raspberry layer:
50g mascarpone
50g fresh or frozen raspberries, defrosted
200g shredded or desiccated coconut
250g icing sugar

Prepare your pan by lining with baking paper. You can either use a rectangle brownie tin or I used a smaller square baking dish so that my coconut ice was taller and fatter.

To make the white layer, mix up half the icing sugar and the mascarpone with electric beaters or in an electric mixer. Add the remaining sugar, coconut and vanilla if you are using it and beat slowly until combined. Use a spatula to press into the bottom of your pan and smooth the top.

To make the raspberry layer, mix the mascarpone, raspberries and half the sugar in an electric mixer. Add the remaining sugar and the coconut and beat gently until combined. Spread the raspberry mixture over the top of the white layer gently and smooth the top with your spatula.

Allow to set in the fridge for a hours. Lift your coconut ice from the pan by the edges of the paper and pull down the edges of the paper. Cut with a very sharp knife into squares (if your pan had slightly curved edges like mine, you can even them out here and eat the scraps!). Place on a tray with a gap between each square and leave in the fridge overnight to firm up a bit. Store in an airtight plastic container.

Notes: Be careful when you cut this as it is quite soft and can fall apart easily.

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16 Responses to The Sweet Swap – Soft Raspberry Coconut Ice

  1. Dimitra says:

    Your coconut ice was absolutely beautiful! One of my new favourite recipes :) I can’t wait to make this one for myself. I loved your packaging too (and mum, a huge tea lover, adored your tea flower!). Thank you so much!

  2. The edge scraps are the cook’s reward for all their hard work :) hehe

  3. I like the idea of adding mascarpone and raspberry – I think it would definitely take the edge of the sweetness, and make it more of a ‘sophisticated’ version of the original. Looks delicious :)

    • Yes still very sweet as you can imagine but really goes well with the tartness of the berries… would be great to try it with other berries too, maybe boysenberry, blueberry, or cherry?

  4. You pulled in some loot! I’m so glad you liked the snickers. You are lucky that they made it to the post office… I will have to make myself a reward slab for having such will power 😛 I want some of your coconut ice so badly. I will have to make it too!

    • Haha, I know what you mean! I luckily didn’t have much left over from my batch so didn’t over indulge too much! And yes do try it, so easy to make and no cooking (I was pressed for time and so strategic in what I made!)

  5. Angie says:

    These were DELISH! The bf managed to eat more of them than I did… but that’s ok, less calories gone to my hips 😉 Am yet to try the jasmine tea flower, saving it for a rainy day hehe.

  6. Alana says:

    Oh your photos, must like your recipe, are just so sweet. I love these. :)

  7. Keren says:

    I received your lovely card today. Thank you! Hope you like the treats!

  8. What a gorgeous treat! The colours are spectacular and I’m loving the use of raspberry (which is my all time favourite berry!). I also love your inclusion of a jasmine tea flower!

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