The stormy weather seems to have really hit us this August with lots of blustery days and rainy nights so I have collated some of our favourite winter recipes to keep you toasty warm. I love a comforting warm soup with hot buttered toast while you watch the rain beating down on the window. And before we know it spring and summer will be here so I’ll be making a few of these before the season is up. Winter recipes usually keep really well in the freezer too so you can always make them now in preparation for busy weeks ahead. I have also included two of our most popular sides… crispy smashed potatoes or baked fennel, delicious! What is your favourite winter recipe?


IMG_2923IMG_2699IMG_3143Ragu2Spanakopita (1 of 3)Fennel braised in milkIMG_1487

Old Fashioned Pea and Ham Soup

Organic Cauliflower and Parsnip Soup

Mullugutanni Soup

Huntsman Chicken Casserole

Lacquered Duck or Chicken



Fennel Braised in Milk

Smashed Potatoes

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