You can’t go past a good old sandwich for lunch, but what makes a good one stand out from the rest? Don’t just stick to your standard salad and cheese all the time but get creative with your fillings and of course, always use the best ingredients you can get yours hands on. A good quality bread is the first place to start. For the Nicoise Pan Bagnat I like to use a crusty sour dough baguette. Try wholemeal, multigrain and other artisan or flavoured breads. Perhaps a sunflower seed or chia seed bread for a chicken, herb and roasted almond sandwich, potato or pumpkin bread for rare roast beef, or a dark rye for egg and lettuce? Don’t go past the humble sprout for a filling in place of lettuce which works well with egg and mayo or you could try cream cheese, pecan nuts and alfalfa sprouts. For a tuna sandwiches, such as Nicoise Pan Bagnat, I find you always need a good sauce  component to balance out the fish such as a good quality mayonaise or in this case, the sweetness of the pepperonata sauce made from capsicums. Also, you will find the fillings in this sandwich make an equally delicious pizza… simply add cheese and put your salad greens on the side or top the pizza with rocket once it comes out of the oven. And I would love to know, what are your favourite sandwich fillings?

Nicoise Pan Bagnat (Tuna Baguette)
fresh sourdough baguette or a couple of slices of good quality bread
tuna marinated in oil and chilli (I like Sirena Tuna)
baby capers
thinly shaved red onion
artichoke hearts
pepperonata (sweet grilled capsicum in tomato and onion sauce, the Sacla Pepporanata is the best, or you can make your own which is delicious)
green or kalamata olives (optional)
mixed salad leaves

Assemble all ingredients in your baguette and eat immediately!


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