Harvest is a wonderful little restaurant and food store tucked away in the Byron Bay Hinterland, near Bangalow. On a recent trip to Byron Bay, this was the one place everyone recommended we should go and although we didn’t have time to try out their amazing lunch and dinner menu, we managed to squeeze in a breakfast. Their menu have some very interesting options including Chargrilled watermelon with mascarpone and nut praline, Breakfast Cassoulet and Poached eggs with polenta and house cured dill and juniper gravlax. They also have a particularly good children’s menu with small servings of pancakes, eggs and bacon, beans and sausage and yoghurt and fruit. We chose the following:

Brioche french toast on vanilla crème anglaise with compote and local blueberries $16.00

Israeli eggs in a chilli, garlic, red pepper and middle eastern tomato sauce. With labna, cucumber relish and fresh Harvest sourdough $24.50

Harvest Continental Selection: Wood fired sourdough and pastry, house made jam, boiled egg, local ham, Deli cheese and a fruit & yoghurt salad $20.50

Restaurant Review Harvest NSW (1 of 5)

The french toast was done well with the rich buttery brioche base and toasted almonds and freshness of local berries and mint (which I am assuming was from their garden). The creme anglaise was delicious but unfortunately there was not much of it which was a bit of a let down and made the dish almost savoury rather than the sweetness you expect. It was however still delicious and if they were slightly more generous with the creme anglaise it could be a real winner.

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I love it how middle eastern flavours (and baked eggs for that matter) are popping up all over the country in breakfast menus adding a different option for breakfast with flavours that pack a punch. The rich spiced tomato sauce in the Israeli eggs was beautifully offset by the cool labna (yoghurt cheese) and cucumber salsa. The house baked bread was perfect for mopping up the sauce and the runny baked eggs. This was our favourite dish and makes me wonder why I don’t cook more dishes like this at home. I think it could easily be whipped up for one of those weeknight dinners where you end up eating breakfast foods from lack of supplies or creativity.

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The Continental Selection was well done and certainly was a very large serving although not as interesting as the other options on the menu. The produce was all of very high standard which made it perfectly enjoyable. Our only comment was we wish that they sliced the top of the boiled egg for you with a sharp knife as it was a bit tricky to do cleanly with the normal cutlery.

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Next door to the cafe is Harvest Deli which stocks gourmet produce and some of the products used in the restaurant. And the backyard behind the Deli has a wonderful vegetable garden where they grown their own produce for the restaurant, a wonderful sight to see. I wish I had a Harvest near me so I could visit regularly!

Restaurant Review Harvest NSW (5 of 5)

Harvest Cafe
18  Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar, Byron Bay Hinterland NSW 2479
Open: 7 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8.30am
P: 0(2) 6687 2644

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