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We recently ate at Third Wave Cafe in Prahran, tucked away in a backstreet parallel to Chapel Street. It is the owners’ second cafe opened recently after the success of their first one in Port Melbourne, also called Third Wave. They have clearly put a lot of care and effort into the fit out of the place. As we walked in we were impressed with a great attention to detail, clean lines and a welcoming little vertical garden.

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The first thing you notice about Third Wave is that they have a very large menu! Probably good if you are a regular to have a wide selection but it can be a bit overwhelming if you are just dropping in for a quick lunch. They have a few different sections with American BBQ, Russian and Paleo menus. The Paleo diet, also known as the “caveman” or “hunter-gatherer” diet, doesn’t use any overly processed products so Third Wave use coconut oil and butter to fry in and their Paleo menu is gluten free. I have heard rumours that Paleo restaurants are going to be the next trend in new restaurants in Australia and while I am not a huge fan of the limitations of the diet (no dairy, legumes or cereal grains), I definitely agree with the whole food and minimally processed aspect. We chose the Quinoa Crusted Salmon from the Paleo menu and the Mushroom Blintzes from the Russian menu.

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They do great coffee which is smooth and not too bitter and each coffee comes with a little piece of almond bread, a nice touch. They use 5 senses coffee and Jonesys Milk… refreshing to see cafes that care about the quality of their ingredients, no Coles milk here. They also use Noisette bread, one of my favourite Melbourne bakers. We tried a cappuccino and their version of a magic, all the craze in Melbourne now, consisting of a double ristretto shot and about 60mls of frothed milk. The ristretto is the first 15mls of the espresso shot and is essentially the crema so it has a rich but sweet flavour.

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We really enjoyed the Quinoa Crusted Salmon which was a beautifully presented dish and great tasting great. The salmon was cooked well and was a very generous portion. The Quinoa on the top was crunchy and a really nice addition. I really enjoyed the finely grated brocolini and cauliflower “rice” and I have never had anything quite like this. There were some clever ideas in this dish which I will definitely be experimenting with at home. The beetroot puree was earthy and sweet which went well with the rich fish and we could have definitely eaten more of this! Overall the dish was plated very well and very enjoyable to eat, I would come back to try it again!

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Blintzes are a thin pancake a bit like a crepe. Soft and fluffy but pan fried so they have a crispy outside. They have various fillings of sweet (often cherries & cottage cheese) and savoury options. The ones we chose at Third Wave had a creamy mushroom and cheese filling served with fresh dill and sour cream. The crepes were buttery and had big flavours and overall it was a pleasant dish but very creamy and rich.

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Our dining experience at Third Wave was very pleasant and we would be happy to go back. The staff were very attentive and friendly but most of all they care about the food they serve and the quality of the ingredients they use which is refreshing to find.

Third Wave Cafe
30 Cato St, Prahran
Ph: 03 9510 2991

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The Culinary Library dined at Third Wave Cafe as a guest.

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